A Quarter’ til Life

Michael and Elizabeth are the most unlikely couple on the campus of Campbell University. They come from vastly different backgrounds and have completely different interests. Unbeknownst to each other, they’ve been heading in opposite directions for the past two years. Yet when they meet, sparks fly – quickly and intensely. Is this connection merely a case of “opposites attract,” or are the common desires of their hearts more powerful than their significant differences? As their bond grows stronger, a major decision looms for Michael, a decision that will have a significant impact on their future as a couple. Will Michael and Elizabeth allow themselves to be vulnerable and transparent with each other as they share their respective hurts and heartbreaks? Can Elizabeth accept Michael’s decision, regardless of its implications on their relationship? A Quarter’ til Life is a “falling and being in love” story that will tug at your heartstrings and pull you into the characters’ world. Michael, Elizabeth, and all of us will find redemption in unlikely ways at unexpected times.

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About the book

The story chronicles the unlikely relationship of two main characters, Michael & Elizabeth. Through a crazy chain of events, Michael has ascended to the prominent role of quarterback on his university’s football team that enters a new season with high expectations. Elizabeth’s passions are music and theater, and she transfers in to the college as a sophomore. They meet when he helps her move in to her dorm and they hit it off from the very start.

Besides the aforementioned obvious differences, there are some other contrasts and tensions that play out as well. Michael has always been straight-laced and by the rules and tentative, Elizabeth is much more free-spirited and adventurous and daring. Michael is recovering from two significant hurts: 1) Being cheated on by his previous girlfriend, a girl he began pursuing in 7th grade but who never returned his affection until their freshman year of college. They dated for less than a year before they broke up; and 2) the death of a good friend in a car accident, which happened two days after the break-up.

Elizabeth is the final piece of the puzzle in Michael recovering and moving on from those emotional wounds. Elizabeth brings her own secret scars, namely her sometimes contentious relationship with a well-meaning but over-bearing mother, and a series of poor choices in her own previous relationships. One of the most poignant chapters of the story is when she confesses the details of her past to him, expecting that he will no longer want to continue dating her. Instead, she finds that nothing changes and he is no less committed to pursuing their relationship. That chapter sets the tone for a theme that is woven through the entire book: redemption is found in unlikely ways at unexpected times.