About the author

M. Andrew “Andy” Cockrell hails from the flatland of rural eastern North Carolina but is thankful that both the mountains and the coast are within convenient driving distance. For most of his life, Andy has had an affinity for writing.  Upon being confronted with the reality that the brilliant papers he wrote in pursuit of a Master’s Degree were not in high demand, he felt God calling him to pursue writing in a more dedicated and fulfilling way.Besides being a vocational minister, Andy has been a professional daydreamer for years.  He frequently imagines characters and plots, desiring to turn those dreams into written words that will entertain, edify, encourage, and inspire.  Andy’s goal is to harness the amazing power of story so that it might transform the hearts of readers in positive ways.

Latest news

I write fiction novels that will primarily target a Christian audience. My goal is to turn out stories that encourage, edify, and inspire. I know a good story when I read or see one. In my mind I have really good stories, the challenge is making them good in writing. 


Christian faith will be an integral part of my stories. They are not written in a campy “everything works out perfectly in the end because we all love Jesus” kind of way (think Facing the Giants), but they also won’t be shoving Jesus down the readers’ throats like a fundamental Independent Baptist church revival service! The characters will be real and transparent, but not perfect.

M. Andrew Cockrell